New Restaurants open now in Fort Collins while others get a fresh start. Where will you eat tonight?

D Dennison-TSM Restaurants in Fort Collins

One of my favorite food bloggers ever puts out Feasting Fort Collins and she is incredible when it comes to keeping up with the day to day food scene in Fort Collins. Feasting Fort Collins is refreshing because with her reviews she is straight up honest and very thorough. Through following Feasting Fort Collins I learn about so many cool new thing's in Fort Collins and some not so cool thing's happening in our little food mecca.

I have learned that a few new restaurants have joined the tug-o-war for your dining dollars as of late and that our little food mecca has been able to hang on to our current crop of dining establishments through following Feasting Fort Collins. Suddenly I feel like this is a blog about Feasting Fort Collins. That's alright by me as I said, she keeps us all updated on the important things in life, where to get good service, excellent food and funky atmosphere's. (funky in a good way)


  • This one should be quite obvious, Akropolis. They take over where the old Taverna set sail to other shores to bring us Greek food, wine and fun. Akropolis has painted the exterior of the building white with blue trim, like you will see in traditional Greek communities. The menu is said to be very traditional.
  • 2 Mayto Mato a Taste of the Caribbean. Now in the Oak St Mall, an area that has turned into quite a dining hub in Old Town with so many surrounding choices on Oak St alone. Enjoy Jerk Chicken, an Island veggie plate or Curry Chicken Roti. 
  • The Welsh Rabbit, a great little secret tucked away like a developing adventure awaiting to be discovered opens a more front and center location on Walnut between La Luz and Silver Grill. It's a cheese shop, wait, a cheese Bistro, wait a pleasantly welcomed dash of fine delicacy dining in Old Town. Don't be shy, if you like cheese, wine/beer and dried meats, you'll fit right in at the Welsh Rabbit.

Enjoy, Explore and Have a Great Experience!