We have been waiting 6 years. Will it be worth the wait? We will find out on June 12th. Shania Twain has not given us any new music for 6 years and the wait is finally over.

We all know by now of the all the turmoil Shania has faced in her personal life the last few years. Not only did she split with her husband but he was also her co-writer and producer as well. Robert “Mutt” Lange was responsible for the Shania sound we were so used to hearing and I can’t imagine how lost she felt personally and professionally. Then again we really don’t have to imagine how she felt because we can see for ourselves on her show “Why Not? With Shania Twain” on Oprah’s OWN network.

The series will have its finale on June 12th and will feature her brand new single “Today Is Your Day”. It will mark the first new music since 2005 and will be available on iTunes immediately following its premiere. Do you care about new music from Shania?

Here is a preview of Shania's new single: