Since the shut down of the TRI Media Film Festival in Fort Collins, the city is without an event to showcase films.

That could change if an idea makes it through the first stages of consideration.

A festival that screens films with a focus on music is on the list of items that can be voted on at the City of Fort Collins website until June 30, 2014. This effort would create at least one full time job, while bringing in diverse streams of income to local restaurants, retailers and other businesses.

Offer Summary

ENHANCEMENT: This offer requests funding starting in 2016 to launch a film festival focused on music. With the operational shut down of the TriMedia Film Festival, Ft. Collins no longer counts a film festival among the offerings in its cultural landscape. This offer would supply seed funding for a four day music and film festival envisioned as a public-private partnership between the Department of Cultural Services and the vibrant and diverse venues of the downtown Ft. Collins creative district. The four day festival would offer screenings in various facilities, interactive sessions with filmmakers and artists, and live performances by the acts featured in the films, or related musically to the genres in the films.

This offer helps meet the stated departmental goals of "providing diverse cultural and recreational amenities". The artistic offerings would be of the highest artistic merit, and range in style from the traditional to the avant-garde, showcasing both established and emerging artists to serve all audiences. By showcasing our city's acumen as a presenter of film and music, we also establish credibility in attracting those industries to Fort Collins.

The budget for this includes artist and screening fees; a festival consultant to design and operationalize the event; marketing; and operational costs.