How would you like to have ice cream made for you, from scratch, while you wait?  Well that's exactly what the owner of an upcoming Loveland ice cream shop is offering.  And all it takes is a little liquid nitrogen!

Chef Clay Caldwell, of the new mo' Betta Gumbo restaurant in downtown Loveland, is shooting for a late spring or early summer opening of his new ice cream parlor at 202 E. Fourth St.  The Reporter-Herald reports that there will be flashing lights, fog, and all the employees will be dressed as mad scientists.  Sounds good to me!

Customers will choose their ingredients, starting with a base that can be heavy cream, nonfat milk, soy milk, almond milk or some other option. They'll add fresh fruit, caramel, chocolate or whatever flavoring strikes them.

Then comes the fun part. Caldwell said employees will spurt a controlled amount of liquid nitrogen (at 321 degrees below zero) into the bowl and mix it. In 60 seconds, it's ice cream.

So we're going to have fresh-made, no-preservatives ice cream, and I get to be a total geek while I'm enjoying it?  Yes.  Yes please.

Are you excited about this new concept?