Todd Harding, TSMT

The Henningsens visited K99 yesterday as part of our "New From Nashville" series.  They are a very talented family. Daughter Clara is the lead singer, but (Dad) Brian and (Brother) Aaron also play, write, and sing.  Their voices melt together like butter over hot popcorn.

They sang a number of songs for us including their new single, "American Beautiful", but so far in their young career, the Henningsens have gotten more attention for their song writing. They wrote the smash hit songs for The Band Perry: "All Your Life" and "You Lie".

I snapped few pictures with my iPhone and captured a couple videos. Pardon my camera work. I am not a professional.

The Henningsens are great singers and songwriters. They wrote this #1 song for The Band Perry Called "All Your Life". I uploaded the video to YouTube from my iPhone.

I also got part of their new single "American Beautiful" but my battery ran out right at the end of the song. I apologize, but what there is of it is very tasty.