I don't remember it, but I know there was  a time not too long ago where you could legally drink at 18. It was the less booze filled 3.2 gas station beer, but hey you could still vote and drink at the same age. A new bill to be introduced Wednesday in Colorado would let 18 year olds drink the good stuff legally. 

The bill introduced by State Senator Greg Brophy would let parents buy alcohol for their children at Colorado bars and restaurants if they were 18 and older but not 21 yet. He says he thought of the proposal because he and his wife recently took their daughter to dinner to celebrate her 20th birthday, and she couldn't have a drink with them.

Brophy says he also wants parents of returning servicemen to be able to buy their children drinks at bars or restaurants.

He says the bill would allow parents to buy their adult children drinks in any place that allows on-premise alcohol consumption. Wisconsin has a similar law.