With the end of the college basketball tournament, it's time to announce the winner of our bracket challenge who will receive a party for themselves and five friends with a $200 tab at either Jim's Wings or Casey's.

Our official winner's screen name in the competition is 'dhaythorn' who did pick Louisville to win the whole thing. Overall they made 42 picks correctly and very narrowly won over five other players that ended with 41 correct picks. 'dhaythorn' beat out all of our DJs as well. Here's a look at how they did:

  • Todd - 35 Correct Picks
  • Beano -31 Correct Picks
  • Butch - 37 Correct Picks

We want to thank everyone for playing this year; it's been a blast! While no one was able to win $1 Million Dollars, we are thrilled to be giving 'dhaythorn' an awesome party with friends to say congratulations for winning the competition!