The latest issue of People magazine featured a story about a women in Colorado who founded a rescue for dogs from puppy mills.
Theresa Strader heard about a dog auction in Missouri in 2007 and went to adopt a pet or two. When she arrived, the 48-year-old pediatric nurse and mother of 4 from Black Forest, Colorado was heartbroken at what she saw and smelled. Strader did adopt 13 of the 561 dogs up for auction that day and set a plan in motion. She founded the nonprofit National Mill Dog Rescue, which has since housed, rehabilitated or found homes for more than 6,900 dogs, from poodles to chihuahuas. I mention poodles because one of  our standard poodles, Lucy, came from this rescue. Bob and I drove to the 160-acre facility near Colorado Springs two years ago to pick up this dog who was so ready to love a family for the first time in her life.
Theresa Strader and a team of 1,400 volunteers continue their mission every day. Please consider a 'rescue' when looking for a may get one as sweet as our Lucy!