We hit it off with these guys from the moment they walked in the radio station.  Mark Cooke and his guitar players AJ Masters and Kenny Fuller are regular guys who happen to have crazy fantastic talent.    Mark's new single is just being introduced to radio by CVR Music. It is titled "Any Way The Wind Blows". Watch the video that I recorded with my iPhone in the K99 basement and tell us what you think!

Mark had the single "Can't Cheat In A Small Town", that you many remember.  He  comes from the same small town as Miranda Lambert, Neal McCoy, Mathew McConaughey, and Rodney Carrington - Longview, Texas.

I grabbed a few pics of the K99 visit with my iPhone. Check em' out!

As they were leaving the radio station Mark and his guitar player Kenny Fuller sat on the tailgate of their SUV and played an original song for us that Mark wrote about riding cross country. It's just called "Ride".  Quarterback Records Director of Promotion for the West Coast, Kelly Symone captured the song on her smart phone.