Chris Janson visited the K99 studios this week and performed for us. He is one of those 10-year overnight sensations. He has been in Nashville for quite a while, but is finally starting to make a name for himself. We all loved him. You have never seen such energy. It really is infectious. He did at least 5 songs for us, including his new single, "Better I Don't".

I captured 3 of the songs he did on video.  They are worth watching just to see how he beats the hell out of his guitar when he sings, but there is so much more to this guy than meets the eye.  He is a great song writer.  He is a dynamic performer and he can even sing.  Enjoy the videos and tell us what you think.

The 1st video is the new single "Better I Don't".

"Redneck Revival"

This one is a song he wrote about his wife, "When I'm Holding Her".