I get asked all the time how Journey 4 Justice is doing and all I can say is take a look at this picture from Nanny Oakley this weekend in Topeka Kansas.  I'm sure the Westboro Baptist Church thought we would be long gone by now but no, we keep coming EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND expressing OUR right of free speech "ONE WAY" and that is the right way.

This picture from Team Topeka member Nanny Oakley this past Sunday has my vote for picture of the year and it more symbolic that even I can explain but those of us in Journey 4 Justice "get it."

This picture should be winning some sort of prize in my opinion.

We are Journey 4 Justice and we do what we do ONE WAY and we do it well and thanks to Team Topeka we do it every weekend and will continue to do it every weekend.

If  you have an interest in helping us stomp out the westboro baptist church {I didn't use capital letters on purpose} email me directly to form your own team and make a trip to Topeka and join us in being their most loathed group.  I can almost assure you that you will be planning your next trip within 15 minutes of waving YOUR State flag on the corner of Topeka and in their own backyard.

We have the right to use the 1st Amendment just as they do only we believe in using the 1st Amendment in different ways and what we do is 100% legal.  We are always looking for more teams and would love to have you and your friends join Team Topeka sometime in 2012.  We are especially looking for teams from States not already represented as our goal for 2012 is to have every State representing Journey 4 Justice.

Don't forget like us on Facebook and make plans to join us for the 2012 National Rally as well.