The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs is asking for our help. Their new baby gorilla needs a name. Certainly you can be more creative than our group effort here on the morning shows...Keith...really?

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Animal Care Manager, Dina Bredahl said, “It’s CMZ tradition to name babies after they are 30 days old, and we are looking for the communities help to find the perfect name for our newest gorilla troop member!”

'Born to mother Asha, and father Rafiki, his birth is a great success for the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo as western lowland gorillas are classified as critically endangered. The littlest member of the troop is impressing both zoo keepers and guests as he is already riding on his mothers back-- a behavior not typically seen at only a few weeks of age.' Asha had her new bundle of joy last month...

The Associated Press