Ok, I am coming out of the closet and coming clean on where I stand on the whole Tim Tebow issue as it relates to football.  I like the guy, I do, great guy and a good football player. But...

When the Denver Bronco's drafted Tim Tebow and I was all over it and couldn't understand why everyone was so anti-tebow and he hadn't even signed his contract yet.  Then after we got to see him play he wasn't the same guy we knew coming out of Florida.  All of the people who hated the idea of him being drafted were now it seemed to be on the Tebow bandwagon and those who loved the draft were re-thinking the decision.

It was common knowledge coming into the draft that he was probably going to have to change his throwing motion etc to survive in the NFL.  I never understood that.

You can't make a Ford a Chevy! Or, like all our Dad's used to say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Tebow's arm got him to where he was and now let's change it?

Have you ever seen an NFL quarterback look so awkward passing a football?  It looks as though he is just learning how to throw a football.  Wait, he is!

Don't get me wrong and start sending hate mail; I have an opinion too.  I like Tim Tebow and I think he has great potential if he went back to playing football the way he has all his life he and the Bronco's would be better off, in my opinion.

Let Tim Tebow be TIM TEBOW!