Never in a million years did I see this coming.  Or probably you for that matter but the latest Bronco news proves that anything can happen.  I see so many negative comments and it kind of blows my mind actually that so many people think this is a bad decision because quite frankly, in my opinion, it's been one of the best decisions the Broncos have made in a long time.


I am no football guru by any means and some of my facts may be off a bit, but not by much and the point is still there.  The decision to bring Peyton Manning was because of all you Bronco fans, plain and simple.  I'm not sure how people fail to see that? It was a business decision and not personal so if you really believe that this happened because John Elway "doesn't like Tebow" is just childish.

John Elway is no dummy so to see comment's like "I'll burn my #7 jersey" or "You'll never see me at another game" just doesn't make sense to me.  Most of these comments are obviously based on feelings of just liking Tim Tebow.  I like him too!  Fantastic guy but like I said from day one...he is not the answer and time will prove me right.  Just because you have the values and moral's that Tim Tebow does, doesn't win you Championships.

Let's face it...the NFL is a nasty business and they are in it to win it...not make friends. All of you as a Denver Bronco fan want to win a Superbowl otherwise you wouldn't be a fan.  The job of John Elway is to bring that Championship to you by whatever means necessary, period.

I'm sure as much as you know about football, they know more.  And for all of you who are comparing Tim Tebow to John Elway's first couple years are way off.  Like night and day! Completely different issues and fact, a friend of mine made a comment that I will use here because he is dead on:

With Tebow, the Broncos almost completely abandon the Pass-game, and ran the ball. They dominated nfl stats for Rushing yards/game. They won games when Tebow only completed 2 passes. They won games when NFL analysts/former players said; "That was the worst performance by a QB in NFL History." . . At the start of last season, the Broncs had a new D-Coordinator with a new scheme, new free agents, new draft picks (Von Miller), and Elvis Dumerville coming of a serious injury. It took time for the Defense to get it's groove on. After the Broncs went on a midseason win-streak with the Tebow, the coaches tried to gently infuse some passing into the offense. The Tebow failed, miserably. His completion % went down. His turnover rate sky-rocketed. Fumbles and Interceptions. After 2 yrs studying with the same offensive coordinator, Tim Tebow still failed miserably to execute the basics of the NFL, 5-step drop, read the Defense, read the receiver progression, make an intelligent decision and make an accurate pass

What can I say? Hard to argue that.  Again, it has nothing to do with Tim Tebow the person it's about Tim Tebow the NFL Football Player. And on the issue of Peyton's contract, let's keep in mind, while I agree no one is worth that kind of money, how many players have actually achieved their entire contract?  Probably not many.  That is a total price he "could" make if he reaches all the incentives and I'm sure there are plenty he will have to hit to make that money including 5 years which we all know he won't make.  Which answers to all the comments like "we'll only get 2-3 years out of him, then what?"  Goes back to the they know more about football than you or I.  I am reasonably sure the Broncos are already looking at college QB's {as all teams do} who will be the next QB of the future.  One more thing to mention when bashing how much money the guy makes:  just a small amount of homework will show that he donates more money to charities than about anyone else I know.  So, the more money he makes, the more he donates and charities thrive because of him. Good lord, he built a Children's Hospital.  So rest assured there will be many Colorado charities that will benefit from his enormous salary.  Thank you Peyton!

Haters:  Stop! This is the best thing that's happened to the Bronco's in a long time.  Be grateful they are willing to spend this kind of potential money to bring you a Championship! Burning your #7 jersey or never going to another game will only affect you, the Bronco's in the meantime will pursue that Superbowl with a 4 time MVP at the helm!

This is my opinion and you are welcome to share yours; based on football facts!

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