Every parent has dreams for their children. You want them to find a career they love and someone to they love to grow old with. I am so proud that my son has found both. My boy Nick is working in the golf business, which he loves and has the girl of his dreams. Just the other weekend he decided to pop the question. She said YES!

I am so proud of him. He has done it the right way. He spent time running around the country working at golf courses and then found the small town life of Holyoke was just what he wanted, met a beautiful small town girl named Kia, bought a house and now is ready to settle down for life. She is everything a father could want for his son to find. She is just perfect for him and I love seeing them together. I could not have picked a better match for him. I am so excited to welcome Kia into the family. She fits right in, poor girl. They will be having a daughter next month named Kirzi. Yes, I know we create some unique names in our family. There will now be a Kyla, Kia and Kirzi. Krazy huh? I am one proud papa! Congratulations to Nick on finding "the one". Welcome to the family Kia. I love you and thank you for making my son happy. Life is good. I look forward to you taking our family name. You will wear it well.