Last week my sisters and I made a road trip to North Dakota. I met Sheryl (who now lives in Kansas) in Nebraska and we drove to Bottineau to meet Nancy (who lives in Scottsdale) We were on a journey home to sell our mother's house.  She passed away 2 years ago on Mothers Day...but we drew strength from each other through the tears in parting with the home we had all grown up in.

These 2 amazing women were 7 and 14 years old when I was born and they fussed over me endlessly. All I am today is due to Nancy and Sheryl and their nurturing and unconditional love...well, all my GOOD parts, anyway.  If you have a sister, you'll enjoy
the following 'Psalm for a Sister'.


               Psalm for a Sister by Anges M. Weicker

I will lift up mine eyes and smile as I give thanks for my sister:

My radiant, complicated sister-who is more than a sister-who is my friend. (blessed is the woman who has one like her, and thrice blessed if she has more than one). 

I will give thanks to the good Lord that we were children together, sharing the same room and for years the same bed.

 I am grateful for the memory of her small body warm against mine.

 I rejoice to remember our play-houses and paper dolls and plans.  Our secrets and surprises, even our quarrels.

 I feel a deep and poignant longing for those days when we were girls together, life-hungry, love hungry, each fighting our own battle, yet supporting each other against the world.

 My sister, oh Lord, my beautiful sister often maddening, always understanding, always fun.

Thank you for this woman who shared my parents, my past, my blood, who sees my whole-the beginning long ago, and the person I am now. 

My sister, whose faults are so clear to me-and dear to me, just as my faults are to her.  Yet for all our differences, and the miles that lie between us, we would still battle for each other.

I laugh for the joy of my sister, all the comedy, the gaiety, and I sometimes weep for my sister.  I long to comfort her, to hold her close as we held each other for comfort and courage as little girls.

Dear God, please take good care of her, this sister I love so much.