The big day is almost here. Wednesday night in Nashville, Todd, Susan and I will be officially inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame. We are beyond excited and I am sure you are getting tired of hearing us talk about it but this is just mind blowing to the three of us.

If you have been following along at all you have no doubt heard about Susan and "The Dress" which has been the buzz leading up to this. She has started to go back and forth between the beautiful white dress and the little black dress. It is my turn to get in on the action. I need your help. I modeled a couple outfits and tried to get my sexy face on.

I am a t-shirt kind of guy and don't dress up much. I am also a huge Waylon fan and was thinking since I am going into a Country Radio Hall of Fame that representing Waylon would only be fitting. Help me decide what to wear. I am no Susan Moore, so I need help. Should I wear my beloved Waylon shirt or wear the dress shirt and tie.


Brian Gary, TSM

Dress shirt and tie

Brian Gary, TSM

Are the toenails too much? They do have a Harley logo on the big toe. I let my daughter do this the other night and quickly removed the polish after I had forgotten she had done this and had an embarrassing moment at the beach.

brian gary , tsm