I am not a big tattoo guy but do have two...well, three now.  I only put things on my body that are life changing things like my back piece of my family tree and of course a custom Harley tattoo on my right arm.  So, I decided it was time to even out my other shoulder with one more tattoo and possibly the most important tattoo I could do.

As many of you are aware, I started a group called Journey 4 Justice a couple months ago aimed at shutting down or at least drastically changing the way the Westboro Baptist Church functions. {Don't expect me to include a link to their foul website either.}

Well, the ride my buddies and I took June 5th, 2011 to Topeka KS has forever changed my life in only a good way so it was time to get that last tattoo.  {Actually, there might be one more coming but that is another blog for another day.}

Come to find out that Dan Dolan, who owns several local area tattoo shops, caught wind of  "the ride" and the fact that I wanted our group logo tattoo.  In fact, I wanted to be the first to do it so he sent one of his best guys right here to the K99 studios.

Here is the final work and thanks to Jon Sanders and Covenant Tattoo for doing this and you can see the video here.