Babies are popping up all over K99. Susan's ol' mare just had her baby last week and now my daughter is ready to deliver any day now. I have reached the point of excitement. She is due on the 27th and her birthday is on the 26th. I have hoping she has him on her birthday but we are all thinking it will happen this weekend. I know my daughter cannot wait to have the baby because she is craving an energy drink and a beer bad.

Birth is such a miracle. We will be presented with a clean slate. This child will have no values, morals, vocabulary...nothing. We will, as a family, have the responsibility to teach him everything he needs to learn and careful not to teach him what he shouldn't know. Parenting is a huge task and an amazing honor. I am so anxious to play with my 2 little grandsons. I love Zander with all of my heart but I know when Zayden is born my heart will grow and I will have plenty of love for him as well. Zander has already been coloring pictures he says he is giving to his brother. Please throw a prayer our way for a safe delivery and a healthy happy baby. We are so blessed to be given this opportunity. God bless the child.