Today is the day I have been waiting for for months. My granddaughter should be here today. My son Nick and his fiance Kia are having a baby and this is the day. Kia is being induced at 7 this morning and the baby should be along any time after that. I am heading out east as soon as I am off the air today to go be a part of this miracle. I am just giddy.

I love my 2 grand boys and can hardly wait to meet my granddaughter Kirzi Dawn Flaa. I am excited for many reasons but mainly because I know Nick and Kia are going to be awesome parents and they are in a wonderful little town surrounded by friends and family. That little girl is going to be raised by a whole town. She is so lucky to be born into the environment that awaits her. I know that she will learn what love is immediately. She will learn how a girl should be treated and will accept nothing less from the people in her life. She will also learn that Papa is a long-haired intimidating biker looking dude who will give his life to protect her and all male residents of the tri-state region should be aware of this.

This is going to be a great day to welcome a new life into. I will be back Wednesday with pictures and a full report. Congrats to Nick and Kia.