I hear people talk about getting a home with a great view. We all love a great view to look out on and take in it's beauty. Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect view is. Some want to look out at open spaces, some like a mountain or ocean view while some enjoy seeing the city lights. I like seeing the back of my grandson's head.

I have seen many wonderful things in my life but sitting in a chair with him in my lap watching TV is the greatest view I could ever imagine. There is no ball game or chore that is more fulfilling than an hour with him just sitting there safe, laughing and trusting. I am a lucky man and wouldn't trade my million dollar view for anything in the world. You don't need a realtor to find you the perfect view. You may already have it but need to open you eyes. Here are a couple videos from Lonestar and Trace Adkins that speak to the same feeling.