When you look around Windsor today it is hard to believe what happened 5 years ago today. It was one of those events that everyone will reminisce about today and remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when the twister hit. With the news of the devastation in Oklahoma this week it even makes more of an impact on us. We know that feeling and our hearts and prayers go out to our friends down south.

Five years ago today I, along with most of our staff, were at a kickoff luncheon for the Greeley Stampede. We heard that bad weather was coming and rushed out of the lunch to high tail it to Windsor to see what was going on. I pulled into town right after the devastation. I had to drive all over town trying to find roads clear enough to get to the radio station. I ended up parking somewhere and just walking through town. I couldn't believe all the ruble. The homes that were there a few minutes ago were gone. The trees in the cemetery toppled over will forever be etched in my brain. So many people lost homes and business and sadly one life was taken too. Mike Manchester was killed in the storm that day. I know there were mothers parked under overpasses holding onto their children as the winds tried to take their vehicle. So many endured pure terror. A 39 mile path of destruction with 165 mph winds tried to take Windsor from us but 5 years later we are alive and thriving. As we pray for those in Oklahoma today, we will also hold our loved ones a little tighter and remember how lucky we all are to be together. I will always remember walking through town right after the tornado hit and see all the folks digging out of the debris and asking each other if they were okay and what they needed. We immediately started helping and healing. We are what the American spirit is all about. I love you Windsor...more than ever.

Here are some videos of that terrifying day.