Today I am going to take you through part number 4 in my series of my Journey 4 Justice trip ride to Topeka. Today we do what we came for. The whole purpose of this trip was to combat the evil forces that lurk at Westboro Baptist cult in Topeka, Kansas.

I am sure you have seen these pieces of human dung who hold signs protesting military funerals with signs like “thank God for dead soldiers” “God hates America” “thank God for 9/11” and so forth. They are also the biggest hate spreaders to the homosexual community. I can’t stand for hate, discrimination or the bashing of our soldiers or my God. This place calls itself a church yet preaches nothing but hate. They stand on street corners with their vile signs and even set up in front of other churches to harass the people trying to go in and peacefully worship. I guarantee if this happened in my town I would be there every day waving a flag in their faces. Why the city of Topeka hasn’t taken it upon themselves to create a constant counter patrol , I will never know. There are some amazing J4J people in Topeka who have stood on the corners peacefully waving the American flag every weekend but they need help. That is where J4J comes in .

We are teams of everyday Americans who despise what wbc does and make our way to Topeka to exercise our first amendment rights. You don’t need a bike. You can travel by whatever means you have. Just grab a flag and form a team, it could be anywhere from 2-50 members big. It doesn’t matter. Just do it. I had a friend Melissa, who I hadn’t seen in 28 years who saw our post saying we were heading there. She rode up from Tulsa and is now TL of OK2.

It has been said that there are only 2 people who have ever died for you, Jesus and the American soldier. I was there to stand for both of them and show my appreciation. I was also there to do my part to help take Topeka back.

By the time we got up and going we heard the news that TL of Kansas 4 Chris Johnson and others had already chased them off of several sights. We rolled into Gage Park around noon ready for action. We parked out bikes, grabbed our flags and stood in front of the war memorial in the park. I was swelling with pride to stand there with my brothers. We then hit the corner and let the flags fly. Endless steams of cars honking their horns, hollering “thank you” or “we love you guys” or “so happy you are here”. I have never been more proud in my life. Reports were coming in that the gang of evil was assembling and would be coming our way. They never showed up. We spent hours at the park waiting. We know they drove by but were driven off by our presence.

After hours of flag waving in Gage Park we decided to head to the cult headquarters. We pulled in and backed up our bikes to front doors of the gates of hell. We got our flags and walked the streets of the compound of evil. One of scum who live there continued to jog around the block the whole time we were there. We said “God bless you” to her each time she passed. We bonded on those street corners like you would not believe. I have never felt more proud to be an American and what we were representing.

As night began to fall we realized we better get back to the campsite and see what the weather was going to have in store for us. We had driven right into the middle of the storm of the century with tornadoes expected all around us. We fortunately were saved from being hit by the twisters. They popped up all around us but never came to Topeka.

Danny Joe and I checked into our nice critter-free motel room for the night to get some rest for the ride home. We woke the next morning, grabbed our flags and make one more stop before we left. We met up with some other patriots and waved our flags at another church the westboro scum is known to protest on Sunday mornings. We made sure people who were heading in to worship didn’t have to deal with the idiots.

We now had to hit the road to get back to Colorado. I had to be to work the next morning. I said goodbye to my new friends and told them we would definitely be returning. It was a beautiful Sunday morning as we rolled out of town and turned towards the interstate. I had no idea how much that was about to change. More on that tomorrow in the final chapter.