Welcome to part 3 of my continuing tale of our Journey 4 Justice ride to Topeka. Today we check into the worst motel in the history of mankind. After a long hard day on the road we couldn't wait to get to our room. Little did I know that even after 14 hours on the road, the seat of my bike would be the most comfortable place I would be for awhile.

When I decided to make the trip, Danny Joe and I looked for affordable lodging. We knew Charley had rented a cabin at the KOA for him and his better half Lesli. We found the Regency Inn and Suites online which had rooms for $45 a night. It bragged of a recent $1.5 million dollar renovation and had a picture of happy couple eating a candle light dinner so I thought it looked decent enough. I knew for that price I wouldn't get a lot but I at least expected it not to look like a crime scene. All that was missing was the yellow police tape and Horatio from CSI:Miami. I'm pretty sure the lit candle in the ad photo was actually used to cook meth.

We should have known we were in trouble when we couldn't find the place. It was the only building on the block without a light on. We wearily strolled into the lobby that looked like a place

you might go to try to get your towed vehicle back from. Think Lizard Lick Towing. We checked in and went on to rooms for the night. I opened the door to my room and was immediately struck by the damp hot air. I looked over at the air conditioner whose faceplate was hanging on by one corner and the knobs were busted off. I reassembled the unit and turned it on stepping away quickly to avoid breathing the dirt that was blowing off the faceplate. I walked over to the sink to wash up and noticed splotches of carpet stained with various fluids whose origins I would probably rather not know. I approached the downhill sloping sink and happily found a bar of soap. Looking over at the uniquely stained lamp shape, I thought..."Hey, let's turn this on and see what kind of shadows the stains cast on the cracked plaster walls." I will never know because there was no bulb in it. Good time to watch TV? No batteries in the remote.

I gave up and decided to try to get some well deserved rest. I pulled the sheets off the bed and checked for critters. Aside from the one crawling around the carpet, and the 2 bug carcasses hooked in it who obviously didn't make it, the perimeter looked clear of critters. I slept with the light on so I could keep an eye on the one known bug and could see if someone kicked in the well secured door and shot me down. I put my head on the pillows but only the back of my head so my skin wouldn't touch. I May have slept 2 hours on and off.

After my restful sleep I needed a shower like you wouldn't believe. I walked passed the darkly stained toilet, at least I hope that was a stain, and climbed in the shower. The shower had good water pressure. (My mom always says to say something nice about people) Stepping out of the shower I reached for the towel. OMG! There were brown lip prints on the towel where someone had obviously blown smoke into it and various other spots. I needed to dry off so I grabbed the little tiny wash rag and was going to use that. I am a big dude so it would have been like trying to dry off a pickup with a cotton ball. The rag was even dirtier than the towel. I used the shirt from the previous days ride to dry with.

I am a diabetic so I needed to do my insulin shot to start my day. After shooting up I was about to pack the needle back in my bag so I didn't leave any medical waste behind but then noticed the red medical waste container next to the trash can. Okay, I'm kidding about the red can but the rest is spot on.

Danny Joe popped by in the morning and found me sitting in a chair in the parking lot where it was much cleaner than my room. He commented how much nicer my room looked than his. I can only imagine.

We went to the lobby and informed the staff that we would not be staying there Saturday night after all. The manager informed me of his no refund policy. I informed him that it wasn't a refund and that I just wouldn't be spending a second night there. We also informed him that he should be making an exception on his policy. He then offered half our money back. We then discussed the alleged $1.5 million dollar renovation and the fact I was writing a story about my trip. We got our money back but still spent $45 for a night in hell.
Tomorrow...Game time. The reason we came. To make our presence felt by the scum at the WBC.