You will be seeing the stories of my adventure to Topeka all week long. I have so much to share from this life changing ride I took. I am physically beat up and mentally shot yet so filled at the same time. I will share some stories of the grueling 16 hour ride in 50 mph winds and freezing temps.

I will share the stories of the worst hotel room in the history of mankind. I will share the stories of the true patriots I had the honor of standing with waving flags. I will share the experience of standing at the doorsteps of the Westboro Baptist Cult (church they call it) and just feeling the evil in the air.

This was one of the most soul filling things I have ever done. I stood side by side with some amazing people and made our American voices heard. I am so proud of what we did. I personally need to thank Charley Barnes. He is my hero for starting the group Journey 4 Justice and for getting me to believe in myself enough to get through the ride home. Stay tuned for tales from the road this week.