We all have those Olympic moments we will never forget. They vary for each of us depending on what sports interest us, who we find compelling and our ages and how many games we have seen. I look forward every couple of years to see who is going to make magic for those games. These are moments etched in our memories forever. Many remember Peggy Flemming or the 1960 hockey team or Jesse Owens. I was not around then so mine are a little more recent. Most people would probably say Michael Phelps record setting performance in the last games would top their list. Here are mine.

    These are my Top 5 Olympic Memories.

5. The 1976 Olympic Boxing Team. This team put boxing back on the map. The Spinks brothers, Sugar Ray Leonard, Leo Randolf, Howard Davis and many other champs came from this group.

4. Bruce Jenner winning the Decathlon in 1976. There was no bigger athlete at the time. 

3. Nadia Comaneci and her perfect 10's in the 1976 gymnastic competition.

2. Wyoming's Rulon Gardner winning the gold in 2000.

1. The Miracle on Ice 1980.