There is nothing that feels as good for the soul as laughter. Laughter seems to get your blood flowing and the positive vibes rolling through our bodies. When it is child causing the laughter it is even more effective medicine. Prepare for a dose.

Today is National Knock Knock Joke Day! I think we all began our comedic careers with these fun little gems. We got older and learned some naughty ones too but no matter what age you are, you have told knock knock jokes. I always loved messing with my kids when they were little. They would come up and "knock knock" and I would say "come on in" and they would get mad. Part of the joy of being a parent is messing with your kids.

I am older now and am teaching the art of knock knock jokes to my grandchildren. Check out my grandson Zander's first attempt at telling one. I love this little guy. He will take my job one day.

The 5 Best Knock Knock Jokes Ever