Every new year that rolls around brings with it someones predictions for the upcoming year. I like to think of myself as a bit of prognosticator so I have looked deep into my crystal ball, okay it was a fish bowl filled with Skittles but it still works, and came up with these 5 predictions for the upcoming year that you can count on. Take these to the bank.

  1- A major sports star will find themselves in trouble with the law. Hard to believe but it will happen.
     2-Susan will be injured in a horse accident. Plenty to base this one on. Click here for details on past examples.
     3-Toby Keith will write a song about drinking and Taylor Swift will write one about a love gone bad.
  4-95% of men will accidentally say something that will cause their spouse to cut them off from "relations" for 7-9 days.
     5-The Broncos will win the Super Bowl.