The Greeley Stampede is kicking off tonight (Thursday, June 27th) at Island Grove Park in Greeley with the PRCA Xtreme Bulls!  The Racing Pigs start at 4 p.m. in the Kids Korral! I will be at the Stampede tomorrow night for the Josh Turner w/Morgan Frazier concert. I can't wait. I absolutely love it.  I have compiled a Top-5 list of my "Favorite Things at The Greeley Stampede".

5. PRCA Rodeo

I have loved going to the rodeo since I was a kid. My favorite event was always the Steer  Wrestling or Bulldoggin'. However, since I have gotten older my favorite part of the rodeo is the Mutton Bustin'. I really enjoy watching the little kids ride the sheep.

Greeley Stampede, Facebook

4. Demolition Derby

I've always liked watching cars crash into each other, especially when it's on purpose.  The annual Demo Derby is one of the best attended events at the Greeley Stampede because a whole bunch of other people feel the same way I do.  The Derby is on the last day of the Stampede, Sunday, July 7th at 2 p.m.

Greeley Stampede, Facebook

3. 4th of July Parade

I have been in every Greeley Stampede 4th of July Parade over the past 25 years, except one.  That one Brian Gary and I were talked into being announcers for the parade.  We did that once, because it just isn't as much fun as being in the parade.  Waving at 80,000 people is kind of cool.  However, that year I wasn't in the parade was pretty cool too.  I loved seeing the Longhorns, the bands, the floats, and all of the horse drawn carriages in the parade.   The Greeley Stampede Independence Day Parade is Thursday, July 4th at 9 a.m. The route runs all the way down 10th Avenue from the UNC Campus to downtown Greeley.

Jenny Harding, For TSM

2. The Food

The food might really be my favorite part of the Greeley Stampede, but I made it #2 on my list. I love the meat on-a-stick.  The pork chop on-a-stick is exceptional every year.  I also really enjoy the chicken on-a-stick.  I love the kettle korn and I especially love the desserts like cheesecake on-a-stick, home-made ice cream, and the red velvet funnel cakes with cream cheese frosting. (Pictured below)

Todd Harding, TSM

1.  The Concerts

The Greeley Stampede Concerts are great this year.  I am really looking forward to the country shows, including: Josh Turner w/Morgan Frazier on Friday, Jerrod Niemann w/LoCash Cowboys on July 5th, and Trace Adkins w/Chase Rice on July 6th. Throw in Lynard Skynard and Los Loney Boys with Los Lobos and you have a great line-up.

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