Fall is a time for football, pumpkin spice everything, cooler temperatures, and snuggling up on the couch with a little something in your cup.  

Yes, an ice-cold beer usually does the trick, but I was in the mood the other day for a little something stronger.  That's when I discovered Serpent's Bite Whisky.  If you haven't found this gem that's hiding on liquor store shelves in Northern Colorado, I'm about to tell you why it's so good.  Actually.  It's just splendid. It's an Apple-Cider whiskey that has been aged three years in bourbon barrels.  I'd like to pretend that I know what that means, but I don't.  I like whiskey. I don't like sweet stuff. This fulfilled both of my requirements.

There I was sitting down for another great Friday night.  The weekend was here.  The lights of the football stadium were glowing. But more importantly, I had a hot date.  A hot date with Lester Holt and a backlog of "Dateline's" on my DVR.

It's at this point that I shall show you my new drink of choice and give you the recipe for this wonderful drink. We shall call it, The Lester, after Lester Holt, my date for the evening.