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2014 was an amazing year. I wrote hundreds of blogs during the year. I have chosen 5 that stood out to me. They all had lots of people look at them and they all meant something to me personally.

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    Marriage Proposal at Cheyenne Frontier Days Before Lady Antebellum Concert

    Brian and I were hosting the Party Zone before the Lady A/Clay Walker Concert at Cheyenne Frontier when Jonathan asked if he could borrow a microphone for a couple minutes. He dropped to one knee and asked his girlfriend Alyssa to marry him. My wife captured the moment with some great pictures.

    Jenny Harding, For TSM
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    Fort Collins Restaurants That Are Gone But Not Forgotten

    there are so many restaurants that I have loved over the past quarter of a century in Fort Collins. Many of those restaurants no longer exist, but I wish they did. I chose my top five restaurants in Fort Collins that are gone but not forgotten. I know I missed a bunch, but you can help me out by telling me the restaurants you miss.

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    Who Has the Best Burger in Fort Collins

    I had more fun doing this blog than any other one I did all year. The research was pure heaven. I probaby tried 15 different burgers to find the five best in Fort Collins. I was even surprised by my own results. The burgers I thought would be at the top didn't end up there.

    Todd Harding, TSM
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    How Todd Harding Almost Got Arrested on His Way to Work

    a few times during the year I had the opportunity to drive some cars for Nissan and I talked about my experience on the air. One morning on my way to work, I was driving the Nissan Juke. That particular morning I forgot to turn on the lights.  I always keep my lights on when I drive  my truck, so it's an easy thing to forget on a well-lit street. I was pulled over by one of Firt collins finest and I came real close to being arrested.

    Jenny Harding, For TSM
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    Poudre River Flooding Has Greeley Stampede Under Water

    It wasn't anything like 2013, but the Poudre River did flood a couple times this past year.  One of those times was a couple weeks before the Greeley Stampede.  Island Grove Park was under water.  The pictures are amazing, but the most amazing thing was that by Stampede time you couldn't even tell there was a flood. The Wranglers did a phenomenal job getting the grounds ready for the event. Two days later you never would have known that there was a flood.

    Marty Curtis, Facebook