My house is a bit of zoo. I have fish, grand kids, 2 dogs and 2 ducks. This morning was turn for duck duty. I had to get the ducks from their sleeping chambers in the garage and move them out the backyard cage that they spend the days in.

Brian Gary, TSM

I was up and about around 3 am this morning and went out back to tend to my feathered friends. I have to leave the dogs in when I get the ducks out so they don't chase them. The dogs are still getting used to having birds in the backyard. It was early so I just went out back in my underwear. It was 3 am so it wasn't like anyone was going to see me. I grabbed my baseball glove, which I find makes it easier to scoop up a duck in than my bare hand, and went to put them in the cage. I got the first duck in and scooped up the other one which then jumped from my glove. I then heard my dog Chevy, who had opened the screen door by himself, come barking our way. I was panicking trying to scoop up the duck in my ball glove and keep the dog away at the same time. It was pitch black out there and I didn't want to loose sight of the duck. I thought I was going to have another heart attack chasing them around. You could hear "Bark Bark Bark" "Quack Quack Quack" and me hollering a bunch of bowling words. I finally got the duck gloved and into the hut. I can tell you that chasing a duck around in your underwear while wearing a ball glove will wake you quicker than a pot coffee.

To my neighbors who may have heard a commotion this morning, I apologize and you should just be thankful you did not come outside and see what was happening.