The weather has been getting colder, and for me that usually means getting lazier. I have quickly learned that you can be lazy around the house for a day or two, but if you go more than that with a 4 and 2-year-old they will start bouncing off walls literally. So last Wednesday I decided to get off the couch and take them swimming at the Greeley Family FunPlex. It became quite an experience.

I had never been to the swimming area at the FunPlex, but was quite surprised by how nice it was. Cheap too. Only a dollar for each of the kids and five form me. There are 4 different pools. A deep lap pool, another pool for playing games like basketball in, a lazy river-sort of pool, and a baby wading pool with all kinds of slides and such.

Having two young kids without life vests, our only option was really the baby pool. There was only one other group of people in the whole place, a mom and her young daughter. They were also playing in the baby pool. My daughter was playing with the little girl, and I was hanging out with my son who was a little weary of the water. It was wierd to me that the little girls mother was on her stomach in the 6 inch deep water and never really moved. The lifeguards also kept going over to her like they knew her.

After about 20 minutes the fire department showed up and started attending to this woman. I thought she must be sick. They let us keep playing in the pool and stayed with the woman for awhile, but then they came and said we needed to leave the pool. That is when I knew she must not be sick, she must be stuck.

We went to another pool for about 40 minutes and still the fire department worked on this woman. When we finally left, I heard them saying they needed to drain the pool, and saw multiple firetrucks outside.I still had no idea what happened.

Over the next few days I watched for news on the incident, but saw nothing. Finally I saw that she had gotten her bellybutton ring stuck in a drain. The story made national news, and I was there to witness it all.

The woman was fine, and there was nothing the Family FunPlex could have done differently. I will be back, and I will also always have quite the story to tell about my first trip there.