I finally found it. Just this morning the spirit of Christmas officially hit me. There are years it takes until Christmas Eve for it to hit me and other years I feel it for weeks, this year took a little longer. I can thank Emily who stopped by this morning with 2 cookies and card that just touched me and made me feel what I have been waiting for. Thank you Emily.

I am heading to North Dakota in the morning where my whole family and my wife's family will all be waiting. I cannot wait for the feeling of family and togetherness. I need that this year. I can't wait for the candlelight service and singing "Silent Night" with tears streaming down my face. That one always gets me.

I have a Christmas wish this year. I wish for all to feel joy, love and a reason for being this holiday season. I wish for every veteran and member of our military and their families to know how much we love them and appreciate the sacrifice they made and still make. I wish for everyone who is lonely to find someone or something to love and receive from. I wish for teachers to know how much we appreciate what they do for our children. I wish for those who are hungry to find food and a way to provide it for themselves. I wish for those who are having trouble forgiving something that is holding them back to find the strength to free themselves from the prison of hate. I wish for those who are exceptionally financially blessed to find a way to help those who aren't and see how good it feels to make a difference instead of a dollar. I wish for good health for those who are ill. I wish for all children and pets to be brought into loving homes who deserve them and will love and cherish them as they should be. I wish for all people to find something inside themselves that they love and know they are important to the world. I wish you peace, calm, perspective, happiness, purpose, joy, music, laughter and all that you deserve out of life. Most importantly know that you are important to the world and serve a purpose in the grand plan. Merry Christmas and thank you for making my life richer.