I experienced something I had never seen before yesterday. My daughter and I were sitting around the kitchen with Zayden and getting ready to feed him. We decided that he would like to have some of the leftover carrots from the previous nights supper. What happened next blew our minds and almost my house.

We cut up the carrots, put them on a plate and into the microwave. It was just a couple seconds later that my daughter starts hollering that there was a fire. I looked up and sparks were flying around the microwave. We stopped it and looked at each other in disbelief. Did the carrots really start sparking like metal in the microwave? I put them back in and started it up to see if happened again. It took about two to three seconds before the microwave was once again engulfed in a big burst of flames. I had never heard of carrots being a substitute for fireworks before but these bad boys were sparking like you wouldn't believe. I immediately Googled it and found that had happened to others as well. We tried to film what happened but couldn't get it to happen again. I did find this video on Youtube of another couple who experienced the same darn thing. This is exactly what happened at our house. Check out the video and be careful heating up them carrots. Wow!