I hear people talk about their "Bucket List" all the time. The bucket list is that list of things you want to do in your life before you "kick the bucket". I live the kind of life where if there is something I want to do, I do it. I have never been a bucket list guy. I do however have a fondness and appreciation for buckets. I feel the bucket is one of the most useful products ever invented. Everyone should carry a bucket in their truck at all times. You never know when you are going to need a bucket or how you will need to use this versatile friend. Here is my bucket list of the top 5 things you can do with a bucket.

  • 5

    Bucket as a Chair

    You never know when you are going to be out somewhere and need something to sit on. If you carry a bucket in your vehicle you will always have a chair to sit on.

    Photo by Brian Gary
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    Bucket as a porta potty

    How many times have you been out with friends and had to go the bathroom but couldn't find one? That is never a problem when you have a bucket. You have a porta potty with you wherever you go.

    Photo by Brian Gary
  • 3

    Crazy bucket head man

    If you ever need to hide your identity or are heading to costume party and forgot your costume you are still good to go if you have a bucket. You can put it on your head and no one will know who you are or you can just be known as "Crazy Bucket Head Man". Just make sure this is not done right after it has been used as the porta potty

    Photo by Brian Gary
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    Frog in a bucket

    If you are ever out in the boonies and decide to do some late night frog gigging, you always have a place to put them if you have a bucket.

    Photo by Brian Gary
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    Bucket as a cooler

    There are few things more sad than letting tasty beverages get warm. When you are out enjoying all that Colorado has to offer you sometimes forget to bring you cooler, that is no longer a problem if you are sporting a bucket.

    Photo by Brian Gary