Today is my birthday and birthdays mean cake. Every year on Susan's birthday I make her a cake. I am the cake maker for my family and Susan has been a part of my family for over 10 years so I include her in my tradition. Last year Susan started to return the favor and baked me a nice cake. We have fun making fun of her cooling skills because she really doesn't have any, yet last years cake was awesome. She tried to do it again this year but...something happened.

When Susan came in this morning she had a sad look on her face. I asked what was wrong and she said she felt terrible that she had butchered my cake and there was no saving it. She then reached in her pocket and said "but I brought you a 3 chambered peanut". I was moved to tears. I love my 3 chambered birthday peanut. It is probably safer to eat than the cake would have been.

Then, when I thought my morning would be cake-free, Shawn Patrick rolled in with a plate of bacon cupcakes he baked for my birthday. What a great friend he is. I ate one and am feeling a little queasy but I am moved by the gesture...and I think it's still moving.