My list of pet peeves is probably too long but nothing bugs me more than the person who thinks they are above the law when it comes to parking in a handicap parking spot. Especially when the person breaking the the law.

Take a gander at the video shot by Brian Moya of Houston Texas.  He and his daughter were returning to their vehicle when they spotted a city parking enforcement officer parked in a handicap spot.  Moya began to film and the "perp" made a quick getaway but not before dropping a quick F-bomb.

Brian Moya then called Houston officials who promptly fired the guy and offered Moya a part time job.

Then there is the story of the 12-year old kid who confronted a cop who parked his motorcycle on a sidewalk to go in and get a soda. Talk about a kid with some nerve...I LOVE this kid. Check out his video below:

Please keep in mind, there is a reason we have handicap parking spots and it's not so you and I can get in and out of store quicker. Yes, I am one of those guys who also calls the law when I see it happen.  Don't do it!