I am one of the lucky ones. I was raised by a father who loves his family more than anything and always let us know we were the most important things on the planet. My dad is the kind of dad you want all of you friends to meet. I have never seen anyone who had met my dad and not loved him. He is the greatest man I have ever known.

My dad has always been there for me through failure and success and loved me the same through both. My dad has been the greatest example of what a friend, husband, father, grandfather, citizen and what God intended a man to be. I have no excuses if I didn't learn because I had the best teacher in the world.

I could send dad and card and tell him how much I love him but I would rather let the whole world know how much he means to me. If we could all have parents like I do, there would be a lot more love and kindness and laughter in the world. I was taught that happiness and smiles are the greatest things in life. I was taught that if you want something and work hard enough at it, there is nothing you cannot achieve. Through my dad I learned that it is okay for a man to be tough and still shed a tear at life's beauty. Years ago my dad gave me a book called "Did I Tell You?" that still brings tears to my eyes when I pick it up. It was the perfect father to son gift.

Thank you dad for being comfortable to just be you and teaching me how to be a good man. I pray my children will feel about me the way I feel about you and that I have taught them how to love themselves and others just as you have taught me. Happy Father's Day dad...I love you.