We all know that in golf you can get a mulligan, a chance to erase the bad shot and try again. We usually offer each other 2 of these per round. What if life offered you a do-over what would you change? Today is Mulligan Day where you are to give yourself or someone else a second chance. It could mean forgiving someone else or even yourself. This is day to let go of mistakes and move on and forgive.

I have made many mistakes in my life and would like to take back some hurt I have caused but I know that each of my mistakes have taught me something. I feel you need to make mistakes to learn anything. If you learn from mistakes you really can't be burdened with regret because it helped make you better in the long run. I have made mistakes with my health, my career, my personal life and every way possible. If I could do anything over I would have taken better care of my health to avoid diabetes and the heart attack and I would have listened to my dad about setting aside money and saving it for a rainy day and protecting my credit rating.

Think about what you need a mulligan on today and use. Do something over or forgive something that happened and change the outcome of your game today.