I understand why Tom the cat was always chasing Jerry the mouse, they are trouble. I have had mouse trouble in the past. I used to have them in my garage and then got one of those things you plug into your outlet that sends off a frequency that keeps them away and they have been gone for years. They are back!

I was standing in the living room the other night and saw a little something run across the floor. I jumped and screamed like a 3 year old and grabbed a broom and stood there jiggling. I never saw him again and figured he left. I was wrong. When I got home last night my wife and I decided to fire up the oven and have a little late dinner. As the oven was heating I heard a loud POP and then some more POPS like someone had thrown a pack of firecrackers in the oven. The lights in the house were flickering like a scene from Poltergeist.

I ran into the kitchen to see the oven shaking as if it was having a seizure and smoke was pouring out the back. We pulled the oven from the wall and smoke was everywhere. The back of the oven had a hole burned through it and had charred a hole in the wall. When we removed the metal plate with it's fresh hole that was covering the power cord we found mouse droppings. I believe the arsonist critter chewed the power cord and loosened it enough to come unwired and was arching. We were very freaked out because my wife has always had a deep fear that she will be in a house fire.

Brian Gary, TSM

I have been trying to get healthier lately and I guess taking away my oven will keep me from eating. We will just have to cook things the old fashioned way for awhile until it gets repaired. We will live like the pioneers did and just use the microwave.

Make sure you pull out your appliances and clean behind them and inspect them. You never know what hazards are lurking out of sight. I hate meeces to pieces.