So you come across a motorcycle accident with injuries.  What do you do?  And to be honest, this is not about motorcycles, it's about possibly saving a life in any trauma situation. Better to know how to save a life than not I always say.

Accident Scene Management, Inc. (ASMI) is a company who offer programs that deal specifically with Motorcycle Trauma.  ASMI is a non-profit organization that teaches motorcyclists (or any motorist) what to do at the scene of an accident until help arrives.

ASMI Patch

I mention this because a friend of mine, Jeff Jensen, will be teaching this course here in Northern Colorado and it's a course that could save a life. Any motorcycle owner should probably think about taking this first and foremost.

Jeff will be holding this event over two days on November 9th and 10th from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM both days and the cost is $65 per course.  The "Basic Course," with a class limit of 50, will be held on Saturday the 9th and the "Advanced Course," with a class limit of 20, will be on Sunday the 10th. (The Basic course MUST be taken to get into the Advanced class.)  The location has not yet been determined.

Some of the things covered will be:

  • How to prevent further injury
  • Assessing the situation
  • Contacting EMS with accurate information
  • Treating the injured with life sustaining trauma care
  • Securing an accident scene

The whole goal is to reduce the severity of injury & fatalities at the scene of a crash through proper actions and reactions and it's something that might benefit you and someone else someday. It would be better to know how to save a life and not have to vs. having to save a life and not knowing how.

To reserve your spot (I suggest you do so quickly) please contact Jeff Jensen at 970-222-0131 or shoot him an email at  All riders who complete the course will get the ASMI patch show above.