OK, sure, it was a little chilly, but that doesn't stop the Easter Bunny by golly; and it didn't stop about 20 avid motorcycle riders from showing up yesterday at Timberline Church in Fort Collins for their first annual "Motorcycle Easter Egg Hunt."

We all showed up right at 1pm to get our clues as to where these elusive Easter Eggs were hidden.  We were to go out and try and find as many of the 6 spots as possible but to NOT open any eggs till we all got back.  {Do you know how hard that is?} All we knew up to this point was that they would be somewhere in the "county" so I assumed it would be a kind of boring city ride...not much excitement there but when I saw clue #4 on the list, I knew I had made the right decision for the day.

The days route {not in order of the clue sheet} would take us to Wellington first, the clue:  "Regards to Beau, hunt for your egg at the new Chop House; deep in the well, you will find a lot of fun."  From there it we followed the clue of "At the corner of the stove, find eggs at the old flowers by the corner post."  It was obviously up Rist Canyon for our team to the old school at Stove Prairie.  This leg was pretty cold.  It was snowing pretty good at the top of the Canyon and so much gravel it looked like a dirt road but all in all, still the best part of the ride.

The next clue was to "find your sense of nostalgia at this stop and ask for Joanne" which could only mean Nostalgia Leather in Masonville for our next egg.   Then we had a decision to make.  We were running out of time and had to decide on going to the Windjammer or Full Throttle before returning our eggs; we could only hit one.  So it was a unanimous decision to head back to FoCo and the Full Throttle for an egg and a cup of hot chocolate!

Mmmmmmmm, it was the right call...

From there we all met back up at Timberline Church to see who found what eggs and to open them.  Lot's of great prizes were handed out and as it turned out, I won a certificate to the Windjammer.  Thought that was kind of ironic actually...

I'm telling you who ride right now, it was a fantastic idea they put together and it was agreed right there in the parking lot that next Easter we were all committed to doing this again and making it even bigger and funner though I'm not sure that's possible.