Coming up Sunday is a one of a kind and extremely fun opportunity to have some fun and possibly meet some new friends.  
The motorcycle easter egg hunt is being put on by the TMM {Timberline Motorcycle Ministry} and there is no cost; come as you are and teams are encouraged.
They will hide 6 eggs in 6 different places around the county and we have to go find them.  There will be multiple eggs at each location but your team can only take one egg at each place.  The eggs are super glued closed so if they are broken you forfeit the prize inside. (if there was one)   One {1} egg at each location will have a number which is a prize.  So you may find all 6 locations and get back with 6 eggs but still miss out which is just all part of the fun.
If you are interested meet at 1:00pm at the Timberline Church south parking lot in Fort Collins.  Riders will leave by 1:15 and must be back no later than 4:00  (disqualified if late)  All the "found" eggs will then be opened and  prizes handed out to those lucky ones.
This is all about having some fun and fellowship with others that may not have plans for Easter.  If people want to then go have dinner together or ice cream great!   That is was this event is all about; being together, having fun and meeting fellow riders.
If you have any question please contact Jeff Jensen: