Mother's Day is of course about our Mom's. But this year was the best Mother's Day ever because I got the best gift of all, and I'm not even a Mom.

I went over to my Mom's house yesterday to spend some time with her and of course brought along a card and nice little gift for her. For all I have put that poor woman through, I should have brought her a BMW.  As I walked in the door it was immediately apparent something was different; the smell of cigarette smoke was entirely gone. How could this be? She's smoked for 55 years, what's up with this I asked myself.

Nothing was mentioned and we had a fantastic visit (I'm noticing she's not smoking so neither do I) and as I was about to leave, she just barks out,

I haven't had a cigarette in over 8 weeks

Floored, but not surprised at her comment, since I knew immediately she had probably quit smoking but didn't want to jinx anything by saying something or lighting up in her house. For those of you who have, or has a parent who smoked for over 50 years, you know the feeling when they quit. We thought it was impossible, right? Yet they pulled off the most amazing feat of their life and continue to parent by setting an example.

I quit again, and then started again, several times in the last year alone. What an evil thing; cigarettes.

Tell me why they are legal again?

The latest was when I announced I was doing a 10 day/10,000 mile endurance motorcycle ride to raise money for Honor Flight Northern Colorado. What a perfect time to quit this nasty habit, again, only this time for good. But no, that lasted a less than a failure once again. But what's the saying, 'Try and try again.?'

So to sum this whole story up, Mother's Day for me was a total win by hearing that my Mom did something I thought was totally impossible and in doing so, gave me the belief once again, that anything is possible once you set your mind to it.  Her gift to me was priceless and one that I will not take lightly or advantage of. I love you Mom more than you will ever know, for many things, but mostly for inspiring me to be, well, me.

Please share your success stories on quitting smoking and what your secret was. I look forward to seeing your responses and putting them all to good use myself.