It's nice to know that the jobless rate will get a kick in the pants next fall with the opening of a new mega store. More jobs coming into northern Colorado is a refreshing blessing especially when you look at our unemployment rate of 7.1%.


The latest news out of the business mill for northern Colorado as reported by the Coloradoan, Costco has finalized plans to build a new warehouse store. The company has released its plans for a 148,000 square foot store east of I-25, across from the Super Walmart on East Harmony.

Officials from Costco have set a soft opening of the store for fall of next year. The store will feature a food store, tire center, liquor store and gas station with enough room to add additional services.

This is great news in my opinion for the economy and the jobless rate in our area. Costco reported net sales over 102 billion in the last fiscal year and continues to grow. Costco pays its employees a bit better than other mega stores and boasts that as many as 95% of employees have health insurance. When they open the new store they will have up to 200 employees, half of which will be full time.