David Lentz


Just before noon this morning, a trail runner noticed skeletal remains on a mountainside near Eldora Mountain Ski Resort. Investigators believe these remains to be related to a human foot in a boot found in the area last month. Today's discovery included the matching boot.

The human remains were located on the mountainside along the 2100 block of Lake Eldora Ski Road. The mountainside is moderately sloped and has a moderate amount of vegetation. The human remains were scattered over a small area and it appeared the decedent had likely been camping. It is not known how long the remains have been on the hillside, but it appears to be at least several months, as the remains are well-weathered.

Based upon the initial scene investigation, it is believed the skeletal remains are likely related to the remains previously found at the base of the Eldora Mountain Ski Resort. On June 1st, an employee of the Eldora Mountain Ski Resort located a snow-style boot in a clearing near the base of the mountain while working in the area. Inside the snow-style boot were human remains consisting of lower leg bones and a foot. The boot recovered on June 1st was a men's left Rugged Outback "Apex Leather" snow boot, size 13. At today's scene a men's right Rugged Outback "Apex Leather" snow boot, size 13, was recovered.

Members of the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group will be helping the sheriff's office with an exhaustive search of the area. The focus of the search is to identify all skeletal remains in the area and any potential evidence that may be related to the death investigation. The new search area -- and the location the skeletal remains were located -- were not included in the original search area in June.

Sheriff's investigators are continuing to work in conjunction with the Boulder County Coroner's Office, who also responded to the scene. The identity and sex of the decedent is unknown, but the coroner's office will work to identify the remains as well as determine the cause and manner of the individual's death. As previously reported, a DNA profile was developed from the human remains discovered on June 1st, but it has not led to the identification of the decedent.

For additional information, please refer to prior news releases, which can be found at www.bouldersheriff.org under the 'News & Information' page.