Anglers Juraj Petrovaj and Peter Caklos love to fish. They especially love catfish and have become experts at it you might say. But this story of the one that got away was all in honor of the mighty fish.

The giant catfish was caught in Domasa, Slovakia and experts estimated that it was somewhere between 40-45 years old. The two buddies used a handmade rod and reel and the monster they caught, after an hour struggle, weighed in at a whopping 220 pounds and measured 8' 5" in length.

Normally, their catches would end up on the dinner table but in honor of this monster old-timer, they released him back into the water.

I say bravo!  That is one fish who deserves to live it out in the murky depths.  By the way, the record is believed to be 646 pounds and 9' caught in Thailand in 2005.