I believe more and more that this whole Monday myth is just a state of mind.

The Monday checklist:

  • Overslept
  • Woke with a Headache
  • Tripped on the way to the Bathroom
  • No Milk or spilled the milk-yes, by now we're crying
  • Stubbed toe on way to laundry room to find a pair of Unmentionables
  • Left lunch on the kitchen Island
  • Running 10 minutes behind because of the unmentionable incident
  • The 16th person in line for must have Iced Coffee
  • Hit every red light from coffee house to Work (almost hit by slow moving-texting driver)
  • Almost rear-end utility truck that stopped Suddenly
  • Did I unplug the curling Iron?
  • Trip on curb spill contents of purse on Sidewalk
  • Finally, safely behind my desk

All before 10am, mind you! Is today Monday? NO... it's Tuesday... proof that we pick on Monday way too much... it's the days off followed by going back to work that creates this Monday-esq mentality. Monday get's a bad wrap because its first in line after time off. All these things have happened on a Friday before, but you shrug your shoulders and say "at least its Friday" or "Glad its Friday"... you don't curse the day, unless its the 13th then that gets the blame. When these things happened on Wednesday, you don't blame Wednesday... no, you say "well, its Wednesday-it's all downhill from here" or "Thank goodness I can see the weekend"...

Proof I tell you that it's all a State of Mind.


Event's described may or may not have happened. If these event's happened they may or may not have all happened on the same day. In other words, the events of my day may have been exaggerated to make my point. :P