23 -year -old Army combat medic, Kelli Bordeaux has been missing for two weeks and there are no leads in her disappearance.

Pfc. Bordeaux was last seen April 14 at a local bar in Fayetteville, NC. She was reported missing when she did not show up for work at Fort Bragg on April 16. Friends and family  say that she would not not just show up.

According to the Today Show, where Pfc. Bordeaux's husband and mother were interviewed today the 23-year-old Army combat medic was last known to be drinking at the Froggy Bottoms with 25-year-old Nicholas Holbert, a registered sex offender who lived in a tent behind the bar. Authorities have arrested Holbert for not reporting his address, but is said not to be a person of interest in the case.

Police and volunteers have searched the area to no avail. Volunteer groups continue to search the area as the local authorities are not currently conducting any more official searches. The officials are now spending their time on the streets asking questions and trying to find out what happened to Pfc. Bordeaux. Initially police had police had gotten a signal from her phone in the woods the signal was lost before they could pinpoint its location.

The missing soldiers husband and mother are hoping that Pfc. Bordeaux is found soon and asks that anyone with information contact the authorities immediately.

I know that all of us here in Northern Colorado send our thoughts out to the family and hope for a safe return. May we all send this family our positive energy.